Gold Coast Spiritual & Wellbeing Fair / 7th annual Garter Belts & Gasoline Festival / Mahjong at Southport

Whether you’re chasing high-octane thrills, a spiritual journey or simply a relaxed game of Mahjong, you’ll find it all here on the gorgeous Gold Coast over September and October. The Gold Coast Little Light Spiritual & Wellbeing Fair will be held on September 5 and 6, while the 7th annual Garter Belts & Gasoline Nostalgia […]

Gold Coast Folk Festival / Celtic Woman / Gold Coast markets

Keen to escape the winter chill? The sunny Gold Coast offers an appealing escape from the frigid conditions seen across much of Australia and, as a welcome bonus, September brings an array of interesting diversions to the fore. Maybe the Gold Coast Folk Festival’s right up your alley? Or how about the wistful warbling of […]